About LoveFab Motorsports

LoveFab Inc has been fabricating & creating performance modifications since 2005.  Almost all components are built in the Northern Michigan based shop.

Our turbo systems prove to be reliable, time & time again-
Offering the full Acura NSX turbo system, as well as individual parts, such as headers & manifolds.

With many years experience- 900+WHP Capable motor builds are available.   

Owner- Cody Loveland, does all personal & customer motor builds himself.

A Mustang Dyno is also on location, for further testing & tuning.

Cody Loveland- Owner/Founder/Driver/Lead Fabricator

      Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 2012.
2nd Place Unlimited Class.

Cody does all of his own tuning; the LoveFab Pikes Peak NSX-
As well as all customer vehicles. 
From sea level elevation, to 14,000+ ft-
Cody can get you dialed in.